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Membership Renewal/New Members

On behalf of the District 7 Basketball Coaches Association Executive Board, we want to thank all of the boys and girls staffs for joining the District 7 Basketball Coaches Association last season.  It is that time of the year for you to complete your membership registration and pay your dues for this 2020-2021 season.  


To become a member: You will need to fill out the membership form online.  The link is below.  Then you will need to mail your membership dues.  Information is below.


1. Membership Registration:

Membership registration will be online as it was last season.  Please click on the link below. 

2020-2021 District 7 Basketball Coaches Association Membership Link 

Click HERE for a Dues Invoice  

2. Membership Dues:

Membership dues are $35 per Boys Staff and $35 per Girls Staff .  

Membership deadline is November 30, 2020.


Please make checks payable to: NOD7BCA


Mail checks to:

Brian Leppelmeier, NOD7BCA, Treasurer

Pettisville High School

P.O. Box 53001

Pettisville, OH 43553


Please email Brian Leppelmeier at with any membership questions.


Benefits of joining the District 7 Basketball Coaches Association:

-  Getting your players district recognition (you must be a member for your players to be nominated)

It gives the players that are honored a sense of pride and potentially the privilege of playing in the District 7 All-Star game.  It gives the underclassmen in the program something to shoot for, and it is good recognition for your program as a whole.  


-  The banquet

It is a great way to put a cap on the season with your players and their families.  With seniors, it is nice to be around them and their families in this relaxed setting where everyone can have a good time.


-  As a professional

It is my duty to be a part of a membership with other coaches.  The association helps to establish many relationships in the coaching ranks that may not be possible if not a member


-Personal recognition

As a member you can receive coach of the year recognition. as well as being selected to coach in one of the all-star games.  



Your players will be eligible to receive one of the associationís scholarships at one of the end of the year banquets


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