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Since the fall of  2004 Davey1 has featured the most complete collection of Ohio Boys High School Basketball Schedules and results that can be found in one place anywhere on the internet.  We have gathered all of the schedules from the schools in the OHSAA Northwest District.  Nowhere else will you find the amount of information that we present here.



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Opponent W/L Score
Patrick Henry

Sat 18-Dec-04 Home Woodmore L 71-63

Tue 21-Dec-04 Home Liberty-Benton W 50-33

Tue 28-Dec-04 Away Napoleon L 75-66

Thur 30-Dec-04 Away Fairview W 61-59

Mon 03-Jan-05 Home Leipsic W 68-42

Fri 07-Jan-05 Home * Evergreen L 36-35

Sat 08-Jan-05 Away Ottawa-Glandorf L 61-46

Fri 14-Jan-05 Away * Bryan W 52-48

Sat 15-Jan-05 Away Rossford W 64-50

Thur 20-Jan-05 Away * Archbold L 56-44

Fri 28-Jan-05 Home * Montpelier W 60-35

Sat 29-Jan-05 Home Elmwood W 67-54

Mon 31-Jan-05 Away Bluffton W 44-39

Thur 03-Feb-05 Home * Liberty Center L 63-62

Sat 05-Feb-05 Home Holgate L 44-29

Tue 08-Feb-05 Home * Delta L 52-50

Fri 11-Feb-05 Away * Wauseon W 55-52

Mon 14-Feb-05 Away * Swanton W 54-40

Thur 17-Feb-05 Away Van Buren L 51-49

Fri 18-Feb-05 Home Tinora W 40-33

Record: 11-9 (4-4)

Fri 26-Nov-04 Home Northwood W 51-49

Fri 03-Dec-04 Away * Montpelier L 63-51

Sat 04-Dec-04 Away Rossford L 52-41

Fri 17-Dec-04 Home * Liberty Center L 67-37

Tue 28-Dec-04 Away Stryker L 50-27

Thur 30-Dec-04 Away Fayette L 70-64

Tue 04-Jan-05 Home Evergreen L 60-46

Thur 06-Jan-05 Away * Wauseon L 66-33

Sat 08-Jan-05 Away North Central L 61-55

Fri 14-Jan-05 Away * Archbold L 84-27

Sat 15-Jan-05 Away Monclova Christian W 45-40

Thur 20-Jan-05 Home * Delta L 61-34

Fri 28-Jan-05 Away * Evergreen L 44-28

Sat 29-Jan-05 Home Genoa W 55-47

Tue 01-Feb-05 Home Lake L 65-56

Thur 03-Feb-05 Home * Bryan L 64-45

Mon 07-Feb-05 Home Otsego L 64-52

Sat 12-Feb-05 Away Toledo Christian L 65-34

Mon 14-Feb-05 Home * Patrick Henry L 54-40

Fri 18-Feb-05 Home Ottawa Hills L 63-53

Record: 3-17 (0-8)

Sat 27-Nov-04 Away Archbold L 72-42

Fri 03-Dec-04 Away * Evergreen W 47-43

Sat 04-Dec-04 Home Fairview W 47-42

Thur 09-Dec-04 Away * Bryan W 74-57

Tue 14-Dec-04 Home Napoleon L 50-39

Fri 17-Dec-04 Home * Montpelier W 47-30

Sat 18-Dec-04 Home Otsego W 78-69

Mon 27-Dec-04 Tourney @ Holgate L 41-25


Tue 28-Dec-04 Tourney @ Tinora W 57-47


Thur 06-Jan-05 Home * Swanton W 66-33

Sat 08-Jan-05 Away Defiance W 60-53

Fri 14-Jan-05 Away * Liberty Center L 41-39

Sat 15-Jan-05 Home Delta W 58-55

Fri 28-Jan-05 Home * Archbold L 54-51

Thur 03-Feb-05 Away * Delta L 50-36

Sat 05-Feb-05 Away Elmwood L 49-39

Fri 11-Feb-05 Home * Patrick Henry L 55-52

Sat 12-Feb-05 Home Pettisville L 53-36

Thur 17-Feb-05 Away Tinora L 40-38

Fri 18-Feb-05 Away Holgate L 32-28

Record: 9-11 (4-4)

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